The Right Choices Program (RCP) is designed to safeguard against unnecessary or inappropriate use of Medicaid services. The RCP will identify members who use their Medicaid in an excessive way or in a pattern that is inappropriate.  Some examples of this include members who go to the ER multiple times for non-emergency care or members who have a large number of drugs prescribed by multiple providers.

If you are contacted about being enrolled in the Right Choices Program, you can expect to be assigned to:

  • One primary medical provider (PMP)
  • One pharmacy
  • One hospital (for non-emergency visits)

You will also collaborate with a care coordination team to teach you appropriate ways to manage your health care.

You do have the right to appeal your enrollment in the Right Choices Program.

Hoosier Healthwise (HHW), Hoosier Care Connect, or Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP):These members should appeal directly to their health care plan.

Traditional Medicaid: Traditional Medicaid members should appeal to FSSA Hearings and Appeals.  Your appeal must be in writing and delivered to:

Family and Social Services Administration

Attn:  Hearings and Appeals Section

402 West Washington Street, Room E034

Indianapolis, IN  46204

For complete information on the RCP, please see the Right Choices Program reference module.