Important Things to Know

Medicaid is health insurance, and it can seem very complicated.  This section provides you with the information you need to help ensure that your coverage continues without interruption and fulfill your responsibilities as a patient. Some of the issues you will want to understand are:

Working With Your Health Plan

This explains how to choose a health plan, the role of your personal doctor, and what wellness programs are offered by your plan.

Transportation Services

This explains how you can get transportation assistance to get to your medical appointments.

Preventive Care

This provides a comprehensive list of immunizations for your child and when your child needs to get them.  This also includes a list of reccomended well child visits.

Other Indiana Social Services

This will give you some general information regarding other (non-Medicaid) programs and services through the Family and Social Services Administration as well as how to contact each program.

Medicaid Payment Expectations

This will help you understand your responsibility for paying part of your care through co-pays, spenddown, and premiums.