Adult Mental Health and Habilitation (AMHH) Program

Indiana Medicaid offers coverage for the Adult Mental Health and Habilitation (AMHH) program.  The AMHH program provides services to adults with serious mental illness (SMI) who may most benefit from keeping or learning skills to maintain a healthy safe lifestyle in community-based settings.

AMHH services are provided for members in the community who need help with serious mental illness or co-occurring mental illness and addiction disorders.

Who is eligible for AMHH?

You must meet financial and behavioral health guidelines in order to be enrolled in the AMHH program. When you complete your Indiana Application for Health Coverage, the Division of Family Resources (DFR) will determine if you qualify for health coverage. The Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA) will determine if you complete the behavioral health criteria.

Eligibility Summary

The table below shows the current eligibility requirements for the AMHH program.  You must meet all of these criteria to qualify:


Must be 35 years of age or older

Financial Criteria

Have countable income below 150% FPL

Behavioral Health Criteria

Must be diagnosed with a AMHH-eligible primary mental health diagnosis