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M.E.D. Works

Introduction to M.E.D. Works

In July 2002, Indiana created a health care program called M.E.D. Works, which stands for Medicaid for Employees with Disabilities. M.E.D. Works is Indiana's health care program for working people with disabilities. Now people with disabilities do not have to fear losing their health care benefits under Medicaid just because they get a job, get a raise, or work more hours.

M.E.D. Works would allow you to work without losing health care coverage while also being able to save money for goals like retirement, education or starting a new business. As a M.E.D. Works member, you may pay a small monthly premium based on your income; however, this is much smaller than most commercial insurance plans.

Individuals eligible through M.E.D. Works will be enrolled with the Hoosier Care Connect program.  You can learn more about Hoosier Care Connect through the Hoosier Care Connect program website.

Who Is Eligible?

To be eligible for M.E.D. Works, you must:

  • be aged 16-64;
  • meet certain income and assets guidelines (refer to Financial Eligibility below and the Eligibility Guide);
  • be disabled according to Indiana's definition of disability; and
  • be working.

Most M.E.D. Works members will be those already on Medicaid and are often on Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). However, new members who are working and disabled may still have M.E.D. Works as an available option. Like all Medicaid programs, qualifying is partially based on your income (money earned from a job and unearned income such as a Social Security check), and you may pay a Medicaid premium to receive coverage. The premiums are generally much lower than most commercial insurance plans. Please note that M.E.D. Works is an individual only program. Your spouse or children will not be eligible through you for coverage under M.E.D. Works, even though they may be eligible for other Medicaid services.

Financial Eligibility

To financially qualify for M.E.D. Works, you must not have countable income above 350% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).  If you are married, your spouse's income does not count in the eligibility determination but does count towards determining the M.E.D. Works monthly premium amount.

There are certain types of income that are not included when deciding if you are eligible for M.E.D. Works, examples of these include;

  • tax refunds,
  • grants or scholarships allowed by federal law,
  • Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWE's), and
  • income of your spouse or parents

In addition to income, your assets are also part of your eligibility determination.

Certain assets do not count when deciding if you are eligible for M.E.D. Works.  These include:

  • a vehicle,
  • a home (if it is where you live),
  • burial spaces,
  • retirement savings held by you or, if you are married, your spouse.

For more information on financial eligibility, refer to the Eligibility Guide.

Medical Eligibility

In Indiana, the definition of disability is a physical or mental impairment verifiable by a physician that is expected to last 12 or more months or result in death.  If an individual is receiving SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or SSDI (Social Security Disability Income) based on the individual's own disability, the individual is considered disabled for Indiana Medicaid.

M.E.D. Works Services

M.E.D. Works offers the same services to its members with disabilities as those in regular Medicaid. This means if you are already a member of Medicaid because of your disability, but would like to start working, your benefits under M.E.D. Works will be the same as they are now.

M.E.D. Works Savings for Independence and Self-Sufficiency

Another benefit that is available to M.E.D. Works participants is called the Savings for Independence and Self Sufficiency account. It is a special account for members who have extra money to set aside to save for purchasing goods or services that increase their ability to find or retain a job and make them more independent.

Members can put up to $20,000 in the approved accounts.  Before the accounts are approved, a member must explain what he or she will be using the money for and how it helps him or her to improve his or her employability or independence. Each request is based on an individual's unique situation, and goods or services to be purchased must meet some of the criteria listed below:

  • Your savings will be used to buy something that is necessary for you to keep or increase your employment.
  • You must explain what will be purchased and give an expected date that you will purchase the item.
  • Your goal must be something that you can achieve in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Your account cannot be used for personal recreation.

If you are interested in completing an application for an Independence and Self-Sufficiency Account for M.E.D.Works members, contact your local Division of Family Resources.