FAQ: M.E.D. Works

I am a disabled Medicaid member. If I go to work and get on the M.E.D. Works program, will my benefits change?

No. The Medicaid benefits for Medicaid Disability are the same as for M.E.D. Works. M.E.D. Works is Medicaid.

Who is eligible for M.E.D. Works?

M.E.D. Works is available to you if you are disabled, according to Indiana Medicaid standards, and working. Financial eligibility is based on a formula for determining countable income. Your countable income must not exceed 350% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

How can I find out if I qualify for M.E.D. Works?

Contact your local Division of Family Resources. If you are not already on Medicaid, you must apply for Medicaid and meet the medical eligibility requirements.  You may also refer to the Eligibility Guide.

I only have a part-time job, would I be able to qualify for M.E.D. Works?

Maybe. No minimum work effort is defined for this program. As long as your employment is verifiable through pay check stubs, W-2s, or self employment records, you will be considered employed and, therefore, eligible for M.E.D. Works, provided that you meet the other eligibility standards.

How much are premiums?

Premiums are a sliding scale fee based on your monthly gross income. Premiums range from $48-$187 a month for a single person and $65-$254 for a married person. You may not have any premium at all, and premiums are often much less than the spend-down requirements for Medicaid.

2017 Premium Chart

Family Size

Income Guidelines

Income Range



$1,509 to $1,759


$1,760 to $2,010


$2,011 to $2,513


$2,514 to $3,015


$3,016 to $3,518





$2,031 to $2,369


$2,370 to $2,707


$2,708 to $3,384


$3,385 to $4,060


$4,061 to $4,737




*If gross income is less than $1,508 for a single person or $2,030 for a married couple, there is no premium.

How often do I pay premiums?

Premiums are paid on a monthly basis. You will receive a premium payment book when you are enrolled in M.E.D. Works.

Where do I send my premium payments?

You will receive a premium book with a coupon stub that will provide you with the address to send your payment. You may also call the M.E.D. Works Payment Line at 1-866-273-5897 for the address and information about your payments.

I have private health insurance through my job.  Should I cancel it if I am on M.E.D. Works?

No. If you pay to participate in private health insurance, continue to do so. Your M.E.D. Works premiums will be adjusted by the amount that you pay each month for your private health insurance. Medicaid will pick up payment on your medical expenses where your private insurance leaves off.

What happens if I lose my job?

You may keep your M.E.D. Works coverage for 12 months following the involuntary termination of your employment if you notify the Division of Family Resources within 60 days and continue to meet the criteria to maintain a connection in the workforce.

I have more questions. Who do I call now?

If you have more questions you should contact the Division of Family Resources at 1-800-403-0864.